Gain Control of Your Workplace with ServiceNow WSD Suite

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There is an increasing need for automation in managing and utilizing offices and workplaces more effectively as firms negotiate the constantly evolving ways of working. That is the sole purpose of ServiceNow's Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) Suite. Employees have access to virtual office space floor layouts, self-service workspace reservations and requests, workflows for business visitor preparation, and more through a single site. Each of the WSD applications can be used separately or collectively, so the WSD Suite is not a "one size fits all" solution. We'll go over each of the main aspects of the WSD Suite and their advantages below.

Reservation Management

The COVID-19 outbreak forced many workers to work remotely for months, and now that they are all back in the office, many businesses have realized they need to rethink how 'conventional' offices operate. The ServiceNow self-service Reservation Management platform can assist businesses in streamlining the transfer process, despite the fact that it may not be an easy effort. This is how it goes:

Employees can make self-service reservations for any type of space that is available once the organization's pertinent office space data (regions, campuses, buildings, meeting rooms, individual desks, etc.) has been imported into ServiceNow. They can even synchronize the reservations with their calendars.

Gain Control of Your Workplace with ServiceNow WSD Suite

Through ServiceNow modules that act as categories for each sort of reservable space (such as "desks inside open areas" or "conference rooms"), workplace management teams may handle several facets of the reservation process.

Some configurations that can be made for each module include:


Requirements for approval


Requirements for check-in and check-out


Standard space services (e.g., TVs, video conferencing)


Flexible space services (e.g., catering, furniture, IT support)


Option to increase prices for these items


Locations and regions


Worker access

Space Mapping

The option to build virtual maps for the portal is another feature of WSD that both enriches and complements the Reservation Management application. In order to offer a seamless integration process with the ServiceNow system, ServiceNow and MappedIn have teamed up. The first stage is for the MappedIn team to collaborate with a company's workplace stakeholders to convert their 2D floor plans to more streamlined, approachable 3D maps. The organization gets access to MappedIn's self-service developer tools after the 3D maps are created in the CMS, allowing them to alter their maps whenever they want. A workplace manager may, for instance, use the MappedIn Editor to immediately update the appropriate map if space is momentarily out-of-order.

Gain Control of Your Workplace with ServiceNow WSD Suite

Using the organization's MappedIn account credentials, the 3D map files can be imported into the ServiceNow system once they are to the organization's liking. As a result, the company will be able to:

Gain Control of Your Workplace with ServiceNow WSD Suite

Reserve parking spaces

Gain Control of Your Workplace with ServiceNow WSD Suite

Organize meeting spaces

Gain Control of Your Workplace with ServiceNow WSD Suite

Choose a workstation in a room that's open

Gain Control of Your Workplace with ServiceNow WSD Suite

Describe an issue with workplace services.

Gain Control of Your Workplace with ServiceNow WSD Suite

Access office-based turn-by-turn directions

Gain Control of Your Workplace with ServiceNow WSD Suite

Locate facilities

Case Management

Have you made a spill in the conference room? Do you need to relocate an employee to a different office? Is it the day that you finally replace the burned-out lightbulb over your desk? The case management module manages all workplace-related concerns and requests for an organization, including everything from plumbing to pest treatment. They will be able to choose the services and requests that are required as a business to make sure that they are handled quickly and sent to the appropriate team members.

The enterprise will then have three alternative fulfillment types to choose from to handle these cases

Manually: Once the request has been made in the portal, managers can manually assign tasks to complete the request.

Flow: The case can go through a pre-designed process thanks to SNOW's flow designer.

Service Activity: For the case, a number of pre-established approvals, tasks, and child cases are produced. These actions are preconfigured on the workplace service record and are automatically initiated in all circumstances of this kind.

Gain Control of Your Workplace with ServiceNow WSD Suite

Visitor Management

Additionally, enterprises may manage all visitors through a single system using ServiceNow's WSD Suite. Pre-registration, internal tasks and approvals, parking allotments, Wi-Fi access, badge printing, and visitor status updates are all managed by the module. Employees can select the dates of visitor visits as soon as a request is submitted via the portal, and they can even add notes for administrators and the front desk staff. The company can keep tabs on visitor registrations, on-site activity, anticipated guests, and visitors who are taking a breakthrough the visitor reception dashboard.

The fact remains that managing and utilizing offices and workplaces more effectively can be attained using ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery Suite. Silos can be broken down through a truly revolutionary transformation made possible by ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery Suite. Organizations have the option to simplify the facility, guest, and reservation management procedures at their physical office sites thanks to the Workplace Service Delivery Suite. Companies can find the ideal solution that precisely meets the demands of their team for digital transformation by allowing the applications to be implemented independently or together.

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