Rational Team Concert v4.0.6

IBM Rational Team Concert is a robust collaborative web based tool, build upon the Jazz technology that allows software teams to perform:
  • Complete Task Management
  • Task tracking
  • Defects Management
  • Source Control Management
  • Agile planning
  • Continuous builds
  • Rational Team Concert totally changes the way you work!

New offerings in 4.0.6

Continuous software delivery – More control over post-build deployments

In the v4.0.5, IBM brought the post-build deploy concept to support integration between Jazz Team Build and IBM UrbanCode Deploy. In v4.0.6, you get even more control over the conditions that trigger the post-build deploy option. You now have:
  1. Aborting the post-build deploy when there are incomplete build activities (if any).
  2. Setting trigger policy for the post-build deploy with any of the options:
    • Deploy always
    • Deploy if build has no errors (warnings allowed)
    • Deploy if build has no errors or warnings
  3. Enabling or Disabling options for the entire post-build deploy.
  4. Enabling the post-build deploy option for personal builds.

User-defined folders for build definitions – Better way to organize builds

With the help of build definition folders, you can now organize the increased complexity that comes with additional builds, in a better way.



Better tracking, planning, and reporting – Helps scrum teams manage work more efficiently

Tracking and Planning

There is a support added in the plan editor to display and edit attributes of type "deliverable", in this version. The built-in Found In attribute, as well as custom attributes of this type are also included. deliverable  


With the New advanced Release Burnup Report, team can have better idea about the work done and work remaining at any point in time.


  New advanced Team Velocity Report tells the development teams about the teams’ velocity. velocity  

Improvements for System z and IBM i environments

Dependency build and promotion

A new Show summary option is also added to the build subset feature. If you select this new option when you add files to a build subset by using rules or work items, a new Add Files Summary window opens. The summary window will list the criteria that you used to select the files, the file names, and number of files that are added to the subset. AddFilesSummaryDialog  

Rational Team Concert is now supporting Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, you can install Rational Team Concert into Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and use the Rational Team Concert from the IDE. When Rational Team Concert is installed, the help is displayed as follows: rtc_vs2013  

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