Give Your Customers a Better Online Shopping Experience with Context-Driven Services (CDS)

We’ve all had exceptional shopping experiences that left us awestruck. Whether the layout of the store made it easy to find exactly what we wanted, or the staff was so helpful, it made shopping simple and enjoyable; the experience made you want to come back again and again.

There’s no question that it’s easier to deliver an exceptional shopping experience face-to-face. But can you provide the same experience to an online customer? Is it possible to understand your client’s likes and dislikes and provide a personalized experience virtually?

The answer is yes. With SAP Commerce Cloud, delivering a personalized shopping experience to your customers is easy. The question is, how hands-on do you want to be in designing the client experience?

Manual Personalization in SAP Commerce Cloud

With Backoffice Adaptive Search and Administration Views and SmartEdit, you can hand-craft your storefront and customize what your customers see when they search, view specific pages and click on certain products.

Intrigued? Let’s dive deeper:

Search: Using these tools, you can provide personalized search results by identifying how customers search for certain products along with any synonyms that are used to describe the products. Your client may be searching for buttoned-up sweaters while looking for cardigans. These tools allow you to include cardigans in your customer’s search results.

Promotions: Personalized promotions? Why not. The more contextual and relevant they are, the more likely your customer will be to buy. SAP Commerce Cloud’s tools allow you to tailor your promotions to specific target groups that visit your site.

Recommendations: Often, when customers click on a particular product, they are shown a bunch of other recommended products, as well. With SAP Commerce Cloud, these recommendations can be set up manually.

Banners: Banners not only improve the look and feel of the website. They also inform the customers about relevant information and help them engage with your brand. Using SAP’s tools, you can customize these banners based on predetermined user traits.

Intuitive, Automated Tools

While manual tools give businesses the ability to design their user experience, SAP Commerce Cloud also has Context-Driven Services (CDS) to provide personalized online shopping experiences intuitively using AI technology.

This suite of products helps businesses to focus on all the different parts of the customer journey, keeping them engaged and eager for more. CDS helps online retailers better understand consumer expectations and offer products and rewards to encourage them to make the purchase, decreasing the likelihood of abandoning their shopping carts.

“Whether in person or online, provide personal interaction.”

Whether in person or online, providing a superior client experience comes down to one basic rule: provide personal interaction. “Listen” to what the customers are saying and doing. Understand their intentions by processing that information. Then decide on the best course of action and act accordingly.

SAP Commerce Cloud solutions make it possible to listen in split seconds through four operations: foundation, segmentation, customer recovery and merchandising.

Foundation: This is the “listening” part that monitors real-time consumer behavior. The Foundation gathers customer behavior for both anonymous and registered customers. This information is then used for product recommendations and personalization.

Segmentation: CDS groups customers based on specific conditions and real-time insights, allowing you to target them with relevant products and promotions. Drive customers closer to making a purchase by sending these groups specific items or promotions based on gathered insights.

Customer Recovery: Customers often browse a website with the intention of making a purchase and even add products to their cart, only to leave the site without completing their purchase. Using CDS, your clients can receive the little nudge they need to complete their purchase, thereby increasing the site’s conversion rate. These little nudges come in the form of CDS-generated email campaigns for abandoned shopping sessions. Maybe they changed their mind about the product? Don’t worry. These emails will also recommend other related products.

Merchandising: Using Merchandising, CDS studies page views, order patterns, conversion rates and abandoned cart data to tailor recommended products to each customer. By combining the data gathered from Foundation and Merchandising, SAP’s CDS technology will help your customers find the products they are looking for with ease.

While SAP Commerce Cloud’s manual and automated personalization tools offer your customers an enjoyable shopping experience, they’ll also make your company’s bottom line happy.

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