SAP Commerce Cloud Platform is Simple, Faster and Scalable

Written by Abdul Wahab

Hybris Practice Lead at Royal Cyber

What is SAP Commerce Cloud?

The SAP Commerce Cloud is an e-commerce solution that empowers you to scale your ecommerce business and drive huge profits. It is built to fulfill the needs of B2B, B2C, and B2B2B business models. It is easy to personalize the platform to accomplish all the requirements and manage complicated catalogs and configurations.

Talking about the business benefits of SAP, it allows business owners to deliver incredible, customized experiences to their customers.

How does SAP ERP benefit your ecommerce business?

The SAP Commerce Cloud works wonders to streamline your ecommerce business. It simplifies the purchasing process – from search to sales for your customers. It combines features such as AI-powered merchandising, chatbots, an intuitive interface, and self-service abilities that make buying and selling processes easy.

Using SAP Commerce Cloud, you can interact with your customers and fulfill their demands. It helps you implement headless commerce using Spartacus, which is an open-source headless storefront.

Why do we need SAP Commerce Cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud architecture has agility, scalability, and flexibility with cloud-native capabilities. It helps deliver personalized digital commerce experiences, simplify digital transformation, and accelerate time-to-value.

Features of SAP Commerce Cloud

The SAP Commerce Cloud is packed with superior capabilities that help you create omnichannel storefronts that cater to your users' diverse needs and choices. Some prime features of SAP Commerce Cloud are delineated below.

Insightful Selling Services: Make use of intuitive customization to recommend products to your customers in real-time. This way, you can display what’s appropriate for them. Sending one-to-one recommendations convinces the customers to click and view what’s available next.

You can use machine learning to send behavior-based recommendations to enhance conversions. In addition, engaging with one-to-one customers helps understand the customers’ needs and deliver what they are looking for.

SAP Commerce - OnPremise and Cloud Comparison


SAP Commerce Cloud offers pre-built integrations with other SAP products. We can extend the importance of SAP software for further growth using the below products:



  • SAP Marketing Cloud

  • SAP Service Cloud

  • SAP Customer Data Cloud

  • SAP Digital Payment

  • more


SAP Commerce Cloud provides specialized accelerators that contain best practices and unique functions needed for specific verticals and run them faster to ensure you reap the advantages of SAP to the fullest. The accelerators are available for the below sectors:

  • B2B

  • B2C

  • The Chinese market

  • Financial services

  • Telco and media industry

  • Travel industry

  • Citizen engagement

SAP Commerce Cloud Modules

SAP Commerce Cloud empowers companies with out-of-the-box modules with ready-to-use functionality. We can also customize these modules by adding extensions in order to tailor them to the unique requirements of certain industries.

Product Content Management

Showing products to customers when they are looking for them is a great way to boost sales and retain them. This module helps us to perform various activities such as:

  • Create and manage multiple catalogs in different languages
  • Provide descriptions in numerous languages
  • Add images and videos
  • Edit content in real-time

Order Management

This solution allows us to view and manage customer orders from start to finish, streamlining order fulfillment, and improving the shopping experience. SAP Commerce Cloud Order Management gives the customers a range of buying, collection and returning options while completing orders quickly and efficiently.

A 360-degree view of the inventory across an organization is available from one cockpit and allows customers to easily buy, pick up or return products both online and in-store. The self-service ability makes the return processes easy. Set up the sourcing and allocation rules for the repositories and physical stores to enhance the turnaround time and efficiency. In addition, the inventory visibility module offers transparent details on the stock availability to your customers.

Experience Management

It is critical to know individual customer needs. The Experience Management module is based on personalization and context-driven services that help to customize the content to user behavior. A single software solution is an easy and cost-efficient way for us to gather personal information.

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Marketing strategies

We can segment the customers on the basis of their closeness, such as a brand, a style, a color, usability, interests. As a result, customers will get an individualized shopping experience, and our store will get an increased conversion. A powerful merchandising capability enables us to set fixed locations for certain products on the website, depending on predefined business goals. This approach helps to increase sales.

It also features an intuitive WYSIWYG editing tool that allows to control the storefront management. Create and execute promotional campaigns to advertise products and drive sales.

Benefits of SAP Commerce Cloud

The benefits of SAP ERP are elucidated below:

  • Enhances conversions and sales with the pre-built promotions
  • Ensures high security of information & protects the consumer privacy rights
  • Streamline the search and buying process for your customers with solid search capabilities
  • Offers partners with IT giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon
  • Offer seamless payment experience with plug-and-play integration
  • Deliver smooth experience on different devices with Progressive Web Apps storefronts

Some other benefits of using SAP Commerce Cloud are illustrated in the diagram below.

Royal Cyber and SAP:

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SAP Commerce Cloud Platform is Simple, Faster and Scalable