Chaos Engineering Services

Building confidence in the system's capability to withstand unexpected conditions

How Chaos Engineering Can Benefit You?

Improve System Resilience (Performance, Availability and Fault Tolerance)
Conduct Chaos Experiments for Better Immunity
Take Proactive Measurements
Reduce Blast Radius for Steady State
Reduce Risk Mitigation with Chaos Testing
Achieve Faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

Chaos Engineering Process

Principles of Chaos Engineering

Chaos Process

Chaos Engineering for eCommerce

Customer experience is a key differentiator for retailers, and enhancing this experience comes through reliability and speed. An eCommerce website is one of the customers’ first applications to associate with your brand. So let us create a more reliable and robust platform for you. Royal Cyber team of experts can implement Chaos Engineering to your eCommerce business.

Build Testing vs Chaos Engineering

Build testing

Build Testing

  • Specific Approach to test known conditions.
  • Tests are binary to determine whether a property is true or false.
Chaos Engineering

Chaos Engineering

  • Practice to generate new information.
  • Tests determine various conditions and generate subjective information.

Certified Tools

Certified Infrastructure Platforms

infrastructure platforms

Our Approach

Key Steps of Chaos Experiments

Stimulate an environment

Stimulate an environment using the variables to approve or disapprove the set hypothesis.

Manage a blast radius

Manage a blast radius to ensure that the result from the experiment is contained and minimized.

Introduce variables

Introduce variables that reflect real world events such as server crash, network and traffic issues.

Identify metrics

Identify metrics and values to define the state of the system.

Hypothesize if it will work for control and experimental groups.

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Discover how our experts conduct Chaos Engineering experiments that can help to create a steady state for your distributed systems resulting a robust platform and maximizing your return on investment. Connect with our team to learn more.

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