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With more than two decades of experience in the enterprise service management space, Royal Cyber provides ServiceNow consulting services to automate IT, employee, and customer service workflows. As a ServiceNow Premier Partner, we understand the service management capabilities which have helped us break down silos, deliver employee and customer satisfaction, and improve productivity.

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Our certified specialists offer ServiceNow implementation, consultancy, integration, service orchestration, stakeholder communication, training, customization, testing, and support services to clients worldwide.

ServiceNow Consulting Offerings

ServiceNow Solutions You Get Partnering with Royal Cyber

Royal Cyber ServiceNow consulting services provide multiple, ready to use add-ons that reduce the overall implementation time. Tap into Royal Cyber’s collective 20+ years of experience in enterprise service management space.

Employee Rating Card

Intuitive Employee Performance Management


VDI Intake

Employee Service Center providing a unified and consumer-like experience.

IIS Reset

Take complete control of your Datacenter Operation.

Disk Clean Up

A comprehensive tool to manage data within the instance.

Azure DevOps

VSTS + ServiceNow – A perfect collaboration between cross-functional teams.

MS Teams + ServiceNow

Receive notification in MS Teams for any new or updated incidents.

Why Royal Cyber?

Case Studies

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

Words can’t express how much you’ve done to make today happen and how much I appreciate it. Looking forward to our continued association as we leverage this new capability.

Michael Ali

Michael Ali
Chief Technical Officer at OMEGA Engineering

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An Insight into ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

The processes, tools, and strategies for managing hardware assets i.e. the physical components of computers and related systems are referred to as hardware asset management (HAM).

ServiceNow ITSM that Unlocks High-Velocity Teams

Adaptable ITSM Practices to Bring Agility it is in the middle of a rapid transformation to build capabilities that enable the faster delivery of high-quality services while managing cost and risk.

Gain Improved Service Delivery Capabilities through ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence

ServiceNow has forever been on the cutting edge of innovation. ServiceNow incorporated machine learning capabilities to the platform in the form of Predictive Intelligence in order to better understand how artificial intelligence and its subsets can transform various business areas.

Consolidate IT and Cloud Management with ServiceNow Cloud Insights

The ServiceNow Cloud Insights application, which is available in the ServiceNow Store, assists you in analyzing the full range of costs associated with cloud assets so that you can identify and act on opportunities to save money and optimize operations.

ServiceNow FAQ

01. What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to build digital workflows that scale customer service and IT operations, make employees productive, and drive business growth. At present, more than 6,200 enterprise customers worldwide use ServiceNow for their digital transformation initiatives.

02. What is predictive intelligence in ServiceNow?

Predictive intelligence in ServiceNow uses advanced machine learning capabilities to categorize, route, and assign tasks. At Royal Cyber, we use agent intelligence to provide frictionless IT service delivery

03. What is GRC ServiceNow?

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is an application that gives real-time view of risks and compliances to businesses. It improves the decision-making abilities of the management and performance across the organization. Our team uses the GRC module to effectively manage the governance framework including policies, laws, best practices, and regulations in one system.

04. What is ServiceNow CMDB?

ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) maintains records of infrastructure and service data used across the system. Royal Cyber helps enterprises better understand the IT environment, which ensures business integrity and stability.

05. What’s new in Paris ServiceNow?

In the recently announced Paris release, ServiceNow added new features along with fixes for existing products. However, out of all, the top 10 most promising features added in the Paris release were in Customer Service Management, DevOps, Field Service Management, Mobile App Security, Performance Analytics, Predictive Intelligence Workbench, Project Portfolio Management, CMDB, Software Asset Management, and Process Automation Designer modules.

06. What is ServiceNow Virtual Agent?

ServiceNow Virtual Agent aids users in carrying out conversations using an interface. It helps users quickly extract information from the ServiceNow platform, make decisions, and perform everyday tasks smoothly. It is also called the customer service model of the future.

07. How do you get CCPA compliance?

Complying with CCPA requires organizations to follow best practices and prepare the organization for the future. Organizations must understand data, manage consumer rights and vendors, archive data, train and monitor, and report issues to government authorities.

08. What is ServiceNow testing?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that uses an automated testing framework (ATF) for performing tests on applications. ATF helps in ensuring that the product is defect-free and the functionalities work as expected.

9. What is ServiceNow ITBM?

Information Technology Business Management (ITBM) is a module that enables organizations to foresee business requirements, allocate resources, understand the demand needs, and evaluate the value that they might achieve. ITBM can improve project predictability and accelerate delivery.

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