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Robotic Process Automation

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The robotic process automation industry is expected to reach a worth of $5 billion by 2024, and the healthcare sector remains one of the fastest adopters of RPA as there are numerous use cases and loads of data involved in critical decision making.

RPA in the healthcare industry offers a plethora of benefits like automated appointment scheduling and management, medical coding and billing, revenue cycle management, patient data extraction, review, and claim submissions, and auditing and submitting insurance claims.

Royal Cyber’s RPA Solutions Architect, Mr. Asif Hussain and Healthcare Domain Expert from UiPath, Lisa Weber, will be covering topics regarding the RPA ecosystem and educate the attendees on how the technology assists healthcare professionals in acquiring the right data for processing claims faster, and more.

Join us to learn:

  • How to automate end-to-end scheduling with clients

  • How to conduct hands-free check-in via facial recognition

  • Conducting pregnancy risk evaluation with AI Fabric in real time

  • Using AI based automation to make readmission predictions in real time

  • New ways to improve your clinical efficiencies and patient care

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    About the Participants:
    Lisa Weber
    Lisa Weber

    UiPath Healthcare Domain Expert

    Asif Hussain
    Royal Cyber
    Asif Hussain

    RPA Solutions Architect

    Royal Cyber
    Murtuza Kagalwala

    Practice Head – Adobe Commerce Magento at Royal Cyber

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