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Improve Service Operations with ServiceNow CSM

Implement ServiceNow CSM with Interactive Dashboard

Overcome any complex customer service issue by implementing the ServiceNow CSM module, which gives the customer a platform to track & raise a request through various Omnichannel and connect anytime with a live agent for any issue.

Goal of CSM is to provide services and support for customers. It allows you to create cases as needed and route cases them to available customer service agents with the necessary skill sets.

Why Customer Needs CSM?

  • ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) documents and tracks the case lifecycle, from creation to closure.
  • Multiple reporting channels, including manual and automated case creation, to enhance the customer service experience.
  • CSM resolves complex issues end-to-end.
  • It proactively fixes the problems and drives action to solve common requests more quickly and efficiently.

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    Join us this webinar and gain insights on:
    • CSM Overview
    • Who can use ServiceNow CSM?
    • What are the different omni channels to raise cases?
    • CSM patching with Service Management. (ITSM)
    • CSM Features and Dashboard
    • Advantage of using CSM
    • Live Demo

    Gaurav Mittal

    Gaurav Mittal

    Senior Software Engineer

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