Find out what’s Best for Your Organization: ServiceNow or Salesforce

Written by Afsa Ashraf

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Salesforce and ServiceNow are industry leaders in distinct fields. Customer relationship management, RM, sales, marketing, customer support, and having a 360-degree perspective of the customer and their journey are all areas where Salesforce excels. Leading the field of IT service management tool is ServiceNow (ITSM). ServiceNow is good at tracking and optimizing staff and customer workflows while placing a significant emphasis on IT workflows. As a result, there are places where these two solutions clearly overlap.

Salesforce vs ServiceNow

Salesforce and ServiceNow are the two cloud customer service engines on the market that can meet these requirements. They both offer a range of services, some of which are comparable and others not.

This article will help you comprehend both Salesforce and ServiceNow by illuminating the key differences between the two.

What is ServiceNow?

Although ITSM is just one of the many features that run on the ServiceNow Now Platform, ServiceNow has long been a pioneer in the service management process. The corporation's expansive IT Workflows component, which is part of this cloud-based platform, offers modules for ITSM, IT operations management (ITOM), IT business management, IT asset management, DevOps, security operations, GRC (governance, risk, and compliance), and more.

Discover, Service Mapping, Operational Intelligence, Cloud Management, and Orchestration are all parts of ServiceNow's comprehensive ITSM capabilities. With an out-of-the-box, already-configured ITIL-based solution, users use the ServiceNow Platform to automate incident, problem, change, configuration, and request management. Customer Workflows capabilities include order management, connected operations, financial services operations, telecom, and customer service field service management, among others. Workflow modules for employees and creatives are also available.

Workflows are the means by which everything is connected. ServiceNow excels in keeping track of workflows across a wide range of IT systems and apps. Workflows are used by ServiceNow to complete tasks such as incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management, service desk, and improving the customer experience. Additionally, it incorporates analytics into each of these operations and has recently started to include artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

What Analysts Have to Say About ServiceNow

ServiceNow has been recognized as a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for ITSM for eight years running. Due to its strong Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities, diverse business service modules, including HR and facilities, and comprehensive ITSM capabilities, Forrester consistently rates it as a Leader.

What is Salesforce?

Since its early days in a San Francisco apartment in the late 1990s, Salesforce has grown to serve more than 150,000 businesses. Clearly, it is the most widely used CRM application available. It can be adapted to customers' needs and industries as a salesforce data management platform. Today, the business places a strong emphasis on Customer 360 as a comprehensive platform to combine sales, service, marketing, commerce, and other functions into a single, shared perspective of customers. With the aid of this AI-powered integrated CRM platform, staff members may collaborate to forge connections and provide tailored experiences.

In order to make it simpler to interact with other well-known business tools, Salesforce has also been working hard to improve its partner ecosystem. Numerous applications for enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI), office productivity, teamwork, and general service cloud options are available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce is pleased to offer customer platforms to both big and small businesses. There are additional industry-specific adaptations available. It also takes pride in being able to operate across speech, social media, mobile devices, and the cloud. Analytics are used to focus and streamline customer actions, such as

Find out what’s Best for Your Organization: ServiceNow or Salesforce

Engaging customers with pertinent digital marketing.

Find out what’s Best for Your Organization: ServiceNow or Salesforce

Quickly developing and expanding customer-centered eCommerce

Find out what’s Best for Your Organization: ServiceNow or Salesforce

Providing client support

Find out what’s Best for Your Organization: ServiceNow or Salesforce

Digitally evolving at a faster pace.

What Analysts Have to Say About Salesforce

Analysts have favorable opinion about Salesforce. They grade it as follows:

Find out what’s Best for Your Organization: ServiceNow or Salesforce

Higher CRM scores are given by International Data Corp

Find out what’s Best for Your Organization: ServiceNow or Salesforce

It receives good score from Forrester for automation.

Find out what’s Best for Your Organization: ServiceNow or Salesforce

High ratings are given by Gartner for field service

ServiceNow vs Salesforce

Similarities & Differences

ServiceNow and Salesforce both offer CRM and sales features, which is a similarity. As expected, Salesforce provides a richer and more comprehensive feature set in CRM and sales management than ServiceNow. Both provide insight into the client journey. As a result, a corporation may easily implement both systems. They each offer unique perspectives while also offering insights. Therefore, there aren't many markets where the two can directly compete.

ServiceNow and Salesforce are significantly different from one another, in terms of the overall product and in terms of how they approach the customer experience. Back-end IT management is ServiceNow's mainstay. It handles the numerous tasks required for enterprise IT to operate. Salesforce, on the other hand, makes no attempt to enter that market. Its main areas of interest are CRM, sales, marketing, and the total customer experience.

The attention each company places on clients is the strongest indicator of how ServiceNow and Salesforce vary from one another. The customer is where Salesforce starts and stops. The client and the actions they take to find, consider, and buy things are at the center of everything. Demographics, marketing, product selection, upselling, cross-selling, and customer retention are all areas where AI is utilized to delve into the specifics. Everything is connected to marketing initiatives and sales outreach activities.


ServiceNow adopts a very different strategy. The focus is on workflows. Its platform organizes the numerous apps and systems involved in the customer experience by defining and streamlining workflows that run across marketing, sales, and customer service. Through the provision of engaging and interactive customer experiences, our certified ServiceNow professionals at Royal Cyber can assist you in scaling your organization at a faster pace. For more information, you can email us at or visit