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Give your customers the personalized experience they crave, with innovative multi-channel solutions. Royal Cyber team of SAP Commerce Cloud experts are here to help extend your storefront capabilities, fine-tune pages, and implement intuitive features that will have your customers coming back for more.

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SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) has been focused on delivering additional benefits in each new release to help customers gain productivity.

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SAP FAQ Schema

01. What is SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud is a cloud-native omnichannel commerce solution for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies. It caters to every customer’s unique needs and desires by delivering personalized experiences, unifying all digital and physical touchpoints (online, mobile, POS, call center, social, print) on a global scale.

02. What are some of the key capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud?

The core commerce capabilities integrated into the platform are Omnichannel commerce, Product Content Management, Order Management, Industry-specific accelerators, Customer support, Optimized search, Payment framework, Tailored rules and promotions, Product bundling and Social media.

03. What is the architecture of SAP Commerce Cloud?

The Commerce Cloud’s Conceptual Architecture comprises the infrastructure layer to provision the environment in Azure, the Environment layer to allocate the platform resources and services that enable SAP Commerce applications to run and the Commerce Application layer to define the vendor-specific business solution to add customization. Its Runtime Architecture has the customer Cloud Portal to interact with the Commerce Cloud environment, the Cloud Portal to set up and deploy and the Cloud Automation Engine, which is the core of the SAP Commerce Cloud infrastructure

04. How can Royal Cyber’s SAP Consulting help in growing my business?

We have the people, processes and technology to help businesses solve everyday challenges and seize new opportunities for growth and transformation. By being your SAP technology partner as you continue to grow and stretch to meet new challenges, Royal Cyber is here to guide you on leveraging this valuable platform to meet new business requirements, growth challenges, distribution model changes, and more.

05. How can Royal Cyber help with SAP Cloud migration?

SAP migrations are mission-critical; hence they should be done within the specified time with the minimum risk and maximum flexibility to bring in significant financial gains. It is important to plan the migration carefully. Royal Cyber’s expert SAP team’s understanding of large databases, network connectivity, downtime minimization related to migrating SAP to the cloud can accelerate your return on investment and minimize downtime. Our experience in SAP cloud hosting includes consulting, infrastructure services, architecting and executing SAP cloud migration and technical operations.

06. In which areas of business can SAP Commerce implementation help me?

SAP Commerce is a proven commerce platform for any business model. You can run e-commerce on an industry-tested platform built to deliver best-fit solutions for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies. You can unify product data to deliver consistent content across channels. Personalize each experience in real-time – from search, promotions, and categories to merchandising and recommendations.

07. What order management utilities do Royal Cyber’s SAP Commerce Cloud offer?

Royal Cyber’s SAP Commerce Cloud implementation helps your business deliver a true omnichannel buying experience by enabling customers to fulfil orders and make returns anywhere, anytime. You can enable fulfilment with buy anywhere pick-up anywhere capabilities and also simplify the return process. Provide inventory visibility within your storefront for complete stock transparency for your customers.

08. How many storefronts can I manage with SAP Commerce Cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud allows users to manage any number of storefronts. With in-built AI and smart selling, users can create multiple storefronts to cater to different customers providing rich experiences and building loyalty.

09. Which SAP solutions can be integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud?

With SAP Commerce Cloud being a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, you have many options for extending and integrating your solution. SAP also provides many pre-built integrations between Commerce Cloud and other SAP products. SAP Commerce Core also includes the ability to create your custom integration objects and RESTful APIs for importing/exporting data.

10. How can Royal Cyber assist in SAP System upgrade?

Royal Cyber can help your business in understanding what benefits are to be derived from the upgrade and also if your current version is nearing End of Life. We can help maintain a technological infrastructure that can support that change. We take care in implementing all the major steps involved in SAP system upgrade including Extraction, Configuration, Checks, Preprocessing, Execution and Postprocessing.

11. Does Royal Cyber offer any add-on solution to the site I build other than SAP Commerce cloud?

Royal Cyber has developed many tools internally to create better digital experiences for our clients. These include tailor-made search experience using NLP & AI/ML, Visual Search that eliminates the need for keywords search, Product Recommendation for 1-1 personalized shopping experiences and Royal Cyber’s TEAF Services on making Uncomplicated & Effortless Test Automation.

12. What is SAP Spartacus, and how can it help in business?

Spartacus is a free, open-source JavaScript web application that allows you to quickly create your own branded JavaScript-based storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud. Spartacus is written using Angular and published as a set of libraries and has been designed to be upgradable, customizable, and extendable to suit all your branding and functionality requirements.

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